The most popular Powershell code editor is Powershell ISE. It’s available on all Windows platform. Did you know that Microsoft will not extend this tool with new features? Are you thinking about changing the code editor? Did you never hear about Visual Studio Code? You can download and install this tool for free from a dedicated website. I would like to show you the 3 elementary steps to configure Visual Studio Code for Powershell users.

Visual Studio Code for Powershell

Visual Studio Code is ready to use just after installing. However, before you start writing Powershell code, you need to prepare a few steps.

The first of all task to do is installing extensions. You need one extension to support Powershell code. You can also install many extensions for other programming languages.

Visual Studio code for Powershell

One of my additional favorite VSCode extension is Material Icon Theme. It changes default file icons for better recognize file types.

Visual Studio code for Powershell

The last one Extension I recommend is the extension for GIT. You need this extension if you work with GIT server to store scripts.

Workspace configuration

Secondly, you need to add your script folders to the Visual Studio Code workspace. You can add many script directories to your workspace. The workspace in Visual Studio is a list of directories saved in one file.

When you do this, you don’t need to open each folder separately. You can open all directories by opening previously defined workspace file.

Visual Studio code for Powershell

Review Options and Customize

The last step I recommend is to review all Visual Studio Code options. For example, You should customize your recommended view or learn visual studio code shortcuts. I’m sure that you will obtain multiple benefits to improve your work with Powershell code.


To conclude, The Powershell ISE editor is in maintenance mode, and Microsoft won’t add a new feature to this tool. The Visual Studio Code is the best alternative for Powershell ISE. I recommend you to change it now to become more productive during writing Powershell scripts.

Of course, you can use another code editor. You should searching and use the best tool for you. Did you know another great Powershell code editor? Please write in the comment below.

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