Short Story: The Truth About my Poshland MONITORING

I’m so surprised how many Powershell users have already downloaded the PoshlandMonitoring script. I hope that this script will help you. Now I would like to give you some historical background of this poshland monitoring script. I would like to tell you who inspired me to prepare this universal tool and when I have written this.

In this post, I would like to give you a history of my Powershell Monitoring script. If you are searching for more technical knowledge about this script, please visit the PoshlandMonitoring Documentation site.

powershell monitoring

My experience with Monitoring Tools

In my career, I have used many monitoring tools like SCOM or Zabbix. These tools are great. However, in some scenarios, it generates a lot of false-positive alerts. I didn’t want to spend months on tunning monitoring software. I love to automate my job, so a monitoring system tunning is not the best my time usage. OK, but what next?

When I prepare Powershell Monitoring script

Like all Powershell users, A three years ago, I was writing my custom scripts for checking the health of my servers. With Powershell, I could eliminate any false-positives alerts. Sometimes, I have downloaded ready scripts from the internet and customized them to my infrastructure.

At that time, I was using the most popular Powershell Monitoring script Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1 for monitoring the Microsoft Exchange server. It’s a great script but has one issue. For hundreds of servers, it takes too long to generate the report.

It inspired me to write a universal Powershell monitoring script, which will run custom Powershell functions dedicated to some group of servers. One of the requirements was running Powershell sessions to servers in parallel.

When I finished the first version of the Powershell monitoring script, I saw that it save me a lot of time. I was able to focus on writing Powershell functions for dedicated Windows Server roles like ActiveDirectory, File Servers, and others.

Since that time, I stopped download Monitoring scripts from the internet.

It’s time to share PoshlandMonitoring

After a few years of using my Powershell Monitoring script, the time has come to publish it on my blog. I called this script PoshlandMonitoring. I hope that this script also will help understand for many Powershell beginners users how they can use Powershell functions.


I showed above the history of my poshland monitoring script. I hope that this script will help other people like its helped me. If I receive positive feedback about this script, I would like to develop new features.

If you have any ideas for new features, please let me know in the comment.

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