Sending email from Poshland Monitoring tool

This post is a part of the Powershell monitoring tool called Poshland Monitoring. You can download it from the Poshland Resources website.

poshland monitoring

In the last post, I show you how to create your own Monitor Pack in the the Poshland Monitoring tool. Now, it’s time to show you how to set email settings to sending health reports via email. You have only a few steps to do.

SMTP settings

To send an email with the health report from Poshland Monitoring too, you need to specify email server settings. You find these settings in the GLOBAL_PARAM.ini file.

Poshland Monitoring tool is using SMTP RELAY to sending emails. Before you specify your email settings in the GLOBAL_PARAM.ini file, you have to add your IP address to SMTP relay settings.

Firstly, you have to specify three values. 

  • SmtpServer – FQDN of email server
  • From – sender email address of health reports
  • SendTo – Recipient email address of health reports
monitoring tool smtp settings

AlertsOnly mode

The second step is choosing email reports mode. If you would like to receive health reports only when something goes wrong (at least one health check function will return FAIL), you can set AlertsOnly parameter to true.

If you set AlertsOnly parameter to false, always you will be receiving email reports.

alerts only mode

Set your Monitor Pack to send email

It’s almost done. In the last step, you can choose from which Monitor Pack you will receive the report on your mail. You can do this by editing the param.ini in the Monitor Pack directory. In this file, you can also specify the email message subject.

monitor pack send email

Generate health report

Now you can run the main PowershellMonitoring.ps1 script and send your first health email report from the Poshland Monitoring tool.

start monitor tool processing

Check email report

Finally, you can check the generated health report in your inbox.

read an email report


To sum up, you can set up your email settings globally in the Poshland Monitoring tool and choose separately, which Monitor Pack should send you email reports.

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