What would you like to contain in Powershell script template?

Hi, this is Po(sh)land blog about basics Powershell for everyone. In a post about preparing final version Powershell Script, I wrote about the steps which everyone can use to finish script with best practices. I think that in this can help the Powershell script template.

Now, I don’t want to write technical Powershell tips. Today I want to ask you how many scripts you write in a week or month. If you are the beginner user of Powershell, please let me know how can I help you starting with writing scripts.

Powershell script template.

Last few days, I think about Powershell script template to share with you. Everyone can search on the internet several scripts templates. But maybe you can tell me what the template should include. I think about a template with basics functions for reading *.ini files, logger to file and dynamically generates directory for *.log files.


Please let me know what can I add to this Powershell script template. Please write in the comments. I will use almost all need and add to the template. As a result, I want to help you to faster write PS scripts. 


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