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Build servers health reports with Powershell

Create excellent email reports with the health status of your servers, services, and applications.

  • One Script, Many Server Groups

    You can prepare one or more “Monitor Pack”, each for defined servers group with the same services. Next, you can run all created “Monitor Packs” for from one place.

  • Parallel sessions to remote servers

    You decide how many parallel remote Powershell sessions you run to your servers. Create reports for hundreds of servers wasn’t so easy.

  • The automatic building HTML table

    Check health your servers and build an HTML table with results. Poshland Monitoring script will automatically prepare the result in a table with defined status colors for you.

  • Sending email reports

    If you want, you can receive reports. You can choose if the script has to send reports always or only when something fails the check.

Watch PoshlandMonitoring in action.

Below you can see running Powershell Monitoring Script with basic configuration.

It's just a few steps

for basic configuration...

  • Copy MonitorPackTemplate folder and rename it
  • Add your Powershell functions to check servers health
  • Customize param.ini file
  • Run PowershellMonitoring.ps1 script

Get Access to Poshland Resources for Free!!!