Are you a Powershell newbie? Start learning just now…

One of the easiest ways to learn programming and automate your job.

The Powershell is a fantastic tool to automate your work or home tasks. Start learning Powershell is one of the best ways to learn programming basics. When you start using Windows Powershell, you can see the results of your learning immediately. Please check my Powershell definition – read What is Powershell (is not only for tech Geek) post.

It’s not only for tech geek or admin.

More than 10 years ago, I started using Powershell to automate IT infrastructure admin tasks. Over time, I realized that Powershell is a fantastic tool for automating everything. You could automate office tasks, send reports, prepare automation for your daily tasks or synchronize data between many applications using REST API. 

For more detailed examples, you can read three simple examples of Powershell for Everybody (for you too). Powershell is not only for the tech geek. It’s for everyone!

Let’s see how you can start using Powershell.

If you read this article on Windows workstations, you can open the Powershell console just now and see what it looks like. Click the START button, type ‘Powershell,’ and open the Windows Powershell console. For more details, please read the post on 3 essential steps to start using Powershell – Poshland

Many years ago, Powershell was available on the Windows platform. Now, it can be running also on Linux or MacBook computers. Please visit the PowerShell GitHub Community Website to read more about other platforms. 

What next? Just learn and use…

The next step you can take is to start to learn and practice. Powershell needs time to learn. All commands and script lines you will write make you a more experienced user of Powershell. More explain you will find in Powershell basics for everyone.