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Build Windows Servers health reports with Powershell

I know that server monitoring is tough to tune. Administrators often receive many unnecessary notifications, and it’s hard to filter critical messages.

This Powershell monitoring script helps you prepare what you would like to monitor on your Windows Servers.

Create excellent email reports with the health status of your servers, services, and applications.

  • One Script, Many Server Groups
  • Parallel sessions to remote servers
  • The automatic building HTML table
  • Sending email reports

Powershell script template ready to use

Running Powershell script from Task scheduler can be really easy.

This template contains many improvements, such as logging to file and storing params separately from the main script.

With this template, your scheduled jobs will be working so professionally.

  • Logging to the file will allow you to troubleshoot your script if something fails.
  • A separated file for parameters allows you to change script configuration without script editing. 
  • The template is ready to use – just copy, add your commands, and run.