eBook – How to start Travel with Powershell – is finished

Hi, It’s a pleasure to have you here. For 10 month I wrote this blog. You can find here 49 articles about Powershell. Almost all Mondays I was publishing a new post about Powershell. I was thinking about what can I give you in my 50th article, so I decided that it will be an ebook – How to start your travel with Powershell. Let me explain my decision.

Why I wrote the eBook?

Knowledge about Powershell is hard to organize. Some topics depend on each other. For example how to start to learn conditions when you don’t know comparison operators. I would like to give you this knowledge in the best way. As a result, I decided that the better way to organize knowledge for Powershell beginners will be an ebook.

how to start your travel with Powershell
During writing eBook 🙂 In that time no one knows that I was preparing my first ebook.

Writing my first ebook.

When I decided to prepare an ebook, I met one problem. I don’t have much time. Since a few years, I’m working on improving my productivity and therefore I know that the best way complete project like this is systematic writing. I decided to devote 30 minutes each day for preparing an ebook. It was my first goal.

how to start your travel with Powershell
Preparing the landing page in a cafe.

What an eBook contain?

In the ebook, you can find almost the same content as on my blog. I used content from the blog to better organize this knowledge and I wanted to give for Powershell beginners something like tutorial how to start travel with Powershell and understand the basics. I hope that this ebook will be a great reason to start learning Powershell.

Is an ebook for everyone?

Nope. I dedicate this ebook for Powershell beginners. Hence, If you are a more advanced Powershell user, it does not give you additional knowledge. However, you can share this post to help other Powershell users get this ebook.

how to start your travel with Powershell
eBook cover in 3D

How to download

OK, I explained to you all the story about this ebook, so Now it’s time to write how to download it 🙂

A few days ago I published this ebook in Poshland Resources, and I sent information for my subscribers. It’s something like a bonus for signing up to my newsletter earlier and stay with me.

Finally, you can also sign up to the newsletter, and then I give you the unique link to Poshland Resources from you can download the eBook. You can sign up in a form below or on the dedicated landing page for eBook here.

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