Powershell console just the way you like it.

Some people when starts using Powershell tell me that they don’t like Powershell console. Do you also belong to this group of Powershell users? Please give me one minute and I explain how to customize Powershell console and use it on all Windows servers and workstation. Let’s start 🙂

Customize Powershell console

Powershell window allows you to change appearance. Let’s see what you can change.


First what you can change in Powershell console is size and type of font. There is probably nothing more to explain here 🙂

customize powershell console


The second part of change what you can customize for you is Layout. Let’s explain:

Window position – You can choose a place where on the screen Powershell console will appears after launch. The “Left” option allows you to set the distance of the console from the left edge of the screen. The “top” option allows you to set the console at the desired distance from the top edge of the screen.

customize powershell console

Window Size  – allow you to set default windows size. 

customize powershell console

Window buffer – is an area size where Powershell will display your command and results. It can be in the same size as window size or bigger. It’s very helpful when your script or command generate many lines of output and you want to come back to the beginning output. 

customize powershell console


The last one thing to change is colors. You can change background, text color. 

customize powershell console


Powershell profile allows setting the same option. In my opinion for beginners Powershell users way described above will be easier. Please let me know about your custom Powershell console. 

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