How applications integration through Powershell will help you automate your jobs.

How applications integration with Powershell will help you automate your jobs.

Have you seen my last post? Today, showing Powershell integration with a web application is the best explanation. A few weeks ago, I wrote about applications that I use every day. One of them is NOZBE, the task management tool. You can make your own integration using Powershell. I will focus only on the core activities of Powershell automation (without creating a user interface). Let’s see what can help you, Powershell. After that, I’ll tell you why you should always use them.

Project Management with Powershell

I would like to show how you can use Powershell to connect to one of task management application through REST API. It’s an interface which you can use to connect to the application using HTTP URLs. More information about REST API you can find here. So, you can invoke a specific URL address in your script and get access to this application.

I’m sure that you are using many applications in your business or work. Some tasks or business processes required to parallel or sequence making changes in those systems. Powershell is one of the best tools to automate it. You don’t have to write code of a fully functional application. The Powershell allows you to prepare automation very fast. Very often it’s cheaper than developing a new internal application.

Access to Nozbe with Powershell

A few months ago I wrote Powershell module to access to my Nozbe account. This example will be simple and will show you the power of Powershell integration.


Integration example

Ok, so if you can access with Powershell to any other applications via REST API in a very simple way, why don’t use it to automate any processes based on data in this application. Let’s imagine that you start new small projects very often. All projects required dedicated folders structure on your cloud drive. You can synchronize this storage to your local hard drive and automate directory creation based on projects list in Nozbe. Let’s see my example below.



In conclusion, I know that my Powershell automation case is simple. I have to tell you that I haven’t met people who use automation like this. Anyway, I wanted to show you the power of Powershell automation. This automation example I wrote in ten minutes. Also, one of the advantages is that you are not limited when you are using Powershell like using templates in the automation systems.

Please let me know your opinion about my example. I’m very interested in what do you think about it. Comments space is yours.

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