7 The mOst poPulAr Powershell snippets

How often are you searching correct Powershell syntax in Google? It’s normal. Everyone who learn Powershell is searching on the internet examples how to write a part of the script. It takes a lot of time. I would like to show you how to use Powershell snippets and write scripts faster than before.

What are Powershell snippets?

It’s something like code part templates. It helps to write correct Powershell code elements without searching syntax on google.

For example, if you don’t remember param block syntax, you can use Snippets, and edit to your requirements.

I would like to show you my 7 the most popular snippets in Visual Studio Code. You can use it to faster writing Powershell code.


param Powershell snippets


function snippets


Powershell snippet


Loop snippets
Powershell snippets


try catch

Do-Until and Do-While

do until

Why I love it?

First of all, I love to write Powershell code fast as it is possible. Templates give me the ability to speed up the writing process.

One more advantage is always the correct syntax. When I use it, my code is clear and structured. This helps me write code understandable for everyone.

Finally, I recommend Powershell snippets for all Powershell beginners.


Above all, using snippets is very easy. It gives you the ability to write correct Powershell code syntax. Also, it will help you faster write scripts and generate fewer errors.

What Powershell Snippets are you using? Please let me know below in the comment.

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