5 the best source for starting learning Powershell

Hello, it’s 3th post on this blog. Last My post was 3 simple examples of use Powershell for Everybody (for you too). Today I want to list 5 the best source for starting learning Powershell for beginners in my opinion. I think that everybody can learn PowerShell because it’s available for anyone, easy to understand and can help automate some repetitive tasks.

1. GitHub

On github.com anyone can find many open source projects with PowerShell scripts. In my opinion this is the best way for learning PowerShell. Many years ago, when I started with PowerShell, often I downloaded examples scripts, modified line one by one and running to check what happened. This help me understanding how it works and what can I do with some commands.  

2. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell 

Microsoft Virtual Academy portal is the place where we can find many courses about Microsoft products, PowerShell too. The best thing is that it’s absolutely free of charge so anyone can watch and learn. I 

3. Youtube 

Everyone can say that it’s this is obvious. Yes! YouTube is treasury of knowledge. Many people records course and tutorials and upload to YouTube. Many times, when I couldn’t find answer on question about PowerShell in Google I have found this on YouTube.  

4. Microsoft Powershell Documentation 

In my opinion everyone who want learn PowerShell should visit and read PowerShell documentation. It’s important to understand for what PowerShell was created and what can be do with. Also We can find many examples of use PowerShell commands.

5. PowerShell console 

The last one is I think the best. Anyone who wants to learn PowerShell have to open PowerShell console and start write first commands and check how it works. If you want to learn PowerShell you can start with click on Start menu in Windows operating system, type PowerShell and run PowerShell Console. If you don’t know what do some commands you can type “Get-Help <NameOfComand>” 

 Summary – 5 the best source for starting learning Powershell

The best way to start learning Powershell is start using this. 

Please write your website which help you learn Powershell.

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