4 basics about modules which Powershell beginners don’t know

Welcome, It’s great to have you here. How often are you using the Powershell module? Don’t you know? I will answer for you. When you run Powershell console a few defaults modules are loaded when you run Powershell console. Suprised? Do you want to know the next time when the Powershell modules are loaded when you are using Powershell console? I would like to show you 4 basics about Powershell modules for beginners users.

1. Powershell modules paths.

The first thing I would like to show you is a parameter which store Powershell module directory paths.


It’s a global variable which stores all path where you can install your Powershell module.

You can move your own Powershell module to one of these paths, and your module always will be available in Powershell console.

Powershell modules basics

2. How you can list loaded modules?

The Get-Module is one of the basics Powershell commands. You can use it always when you want to get a list of loaded Powershell module in the current session.

Powershell modules basics

3. How can you list available modules on your machine?

Get-Module command has an option to list all available modules on your machine. To list all installed Powershell modules you have to add ListAvailable parameter to Get-Module command. You can import the selected module from this list.

Powershell modules basics

4. Powershell Module Auto-Loading

In the Windows Powershell 3 version was introduced an automatically module loading. Up to version 2, all users had to use the Import-Module command to use a specific module.

Now, if you install Powershell module in one of the directories defined in global variable $env:PSModulePath, your Powershell module is available and automatically loaded if you start using of command included in this module.

Powershell modules basics


Powershell modules are a big part of Powershell ecosystem. If you learned Powershell basics described here, it’s time to learn Powershell modules.

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