3 basic steps to start using Powershell

Hi, I’m so excited that you are here. Today I want to show you the 3 basic steps to start using Powershell for everybody who doesn’t have technical skills. In the 3 simple examples of use Powershell for Everybody (for you too) I show my tricks to use PowerShell in everyday work. It will let you forget repetitive tasks and allow you do more productivity things that you like.  If you know how to run Powershell console and know basics of use it, these article isn’t for you ?  

#Step 1 – Open PowerShell Console 

If you have device with Windows operating system you have PowerShell by default. In another operating system you have to install PowerShell yourself. Instalation package and instructions are here 

 3 basic steps to start using Powershell

To open Powershell Console in Windows operating system click Manu Start, next type Powershell and click Windows Powershell 

#Step 2 – Find Out the parts of PowerShell console 

Powershell console is a command line console what mean that if you want to do something in your PC you have to write it. Please let me describe you parts of this console.  

 3 basic steps to start using Powershell

#Step 3 – Write your first command 

Awsome! You can now write your first command. Don’t know any Powershell command? In my opinion It should be “Get-Childitem” It will show you content of your directory (folders and files). 

 3 basic steps to start using Powershell


#Summary of 3 basic steps to start using PowerShell


It was 3 basic steps to start using PowerShell. If you would like to learn try these 3 steps, think in what it can help you and save your time. Please write your first experience in comments.

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