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It’s great to have you here.

My name is Damian Garbus and I’m Powershell Geek.

I love to improve my productivity with Powershell. This blog is about these two areas – Powershell and Productivity. I understood that sometimes it’s not needed to code advanced applications to automate tasks. Sometimes it’s enough to learn Powershell. It’s the next tool like Microsoft Excel or other productivity tools. If you want to go to the next level of your work, stay with me 🙂

How to start?

Are you Powershell newbie? Start learning just now…

The work with Powershell is simple. It helps many people to automate their tasks in work or home. When you start using Windows Powershell you can see the results of your learning immediately.

Powershell basics for everyone

Powershell is a framework which helps automate tasks. Work with Powershell is based programming knowledge, so you need to know this. If you never programming don’t worry, I will show you what.

More knowledge for beginners

When you know basics Powershell it’s time to get to know something more. At this stage, you will learn about Powershell functions, error handling, and Powershell Automatic Variables.

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