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My name is Damian Garbus and I’m Powershell Geek.

I love to improve my productivity with Powershell. This blog is about these two areas – Powershell and Productivity. If you want to go to the next level of your Powershell knowledge, stay with me 😉

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about Powershell. Let me explain what it is and how to start using it.

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Please choose this step if you are using Powershell but know the basics. Let me explain a few topics of the Powershell scripting area.

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It’s time to get to know something more. Let me explain Powershell functions, error handling, and Powershell Automatic Variables.

Latest posts

  • One man who explained Dave what is $_
    One man who explained Dave what is $_

    What is $_ in Powershell? It was in 2019. Dave was one of the new sysadmin guys in a big corporation in Tokyo. Before this job, he worked for a small company with a few Windows servers. In the current work, he administrates a thousand servers. He decided to start using Powershell for automating his …

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  • The real story behind Active Directory and Powershell Replace
    The real story behind Active Directory and Powershell Replace

    One of the global companies has hired an inexperienced Active Directory administrator. His name was Jack. He always wants to work in the IT department. Now his dreams came true.  One day in the morning, he received a request from the HR department. He had to change the title attribute for a thousand users. He …

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  • How the Powershell Split method helps AD admins.
    How the Powershell Split method helps AD admins.

    The manager of the sales department requested for changing department attribute value for some users. He sent users list via email messages. Sound familiar? Meet Bob and his one story and Powershell split trick he discovered. Bob is an Active Directory administrator. He loves his job. A few months ago, he started to learn Powershell. …

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