How to speed up your work with Powershell profile.

Hi, this is blog and today I want to show you how to make your commands always available in your PowerShell console. Always when you run it!!! That great for Me! Ok so Let’s check, how you can speed up your work with Powershell profile.

What is PowerShell $Profile (not Profile) 

Please, imagine now that you run PowerShell (how do this you can check here – 3 basic steps to start using Powershell). When you click Windows PowerShell in your Windows desktop you don’t see one thing. In the same time when PowerShell console is starting it’s also loads your $profile. Profile is not anything else than ps1 file (PowerShell script). Maybe I show you on example, but first… 

… where is PowerShell profile path? 

First thing you have to do is find the path of your profile. To do this you have to type “$profile” in PowerShell console. Then you can see path to file. OK so let’s edit it. To do this type “notepad $profile” 

Powershell ProfileHow to edit PowerShell Profile? 

When you edit $profile in notepad first time, it’s empty. You can write your own command/script which should run after start PowerShell console. For example, you can write “Write-Host “Hello, YourName”. It will write it always you run PowerShell console. 


What is PowerShell profile? – Summary 

Today I showed you how to find PowerShell profile path and how you can easy edit this file. In the profile you can also write your own function and use like command in PowerShell console. I will show you what is PowerShell function in future posts so please write opinion in comments bellow and come back to read later posts.  


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