Hi, Damian Garbus here and Today I want to do a quick summary two months of Po(sh)land blog. The first post What is Powershell I publish 5th July 2018. Now on the blog is more than 15 posts. New articles appear every Monday and Thursday.

Posts summary

I wrote 15 posts in July and August 2018. I will try summarize:

The first post which I wrote was What is Powershell (is not only for tech Geek). I really think that Powershell is for anyone. Anyone can start to learn and automate everyday work or home tasks.

If you want to read more theory and examples check this out:
3 simple examples of use Powershell for Everybody (for you too)  
The best reason for learning Powershell which no one will tell you 
5 the best source for starting learning Powershell 

15 July 2018 I published first more technical article about 3 basic steps to start using Powershell. Next more technical post was:

Also in the last two month, I wrote 3 posts about my history, opinion and one question to You:


July 2018

Published Posts: 6
Unique users: 6
Views: 69


August 2018

Published New Posts: 9
Unique users: 1720
Views: 2962

5 most readed


August was the second month of Po(sh)land blog. I didn’t know that writing 2 posts a week is so hard. Before I started the blog I thought that I know Powershell and it’s only writing what I have in my head. Now I know that for all posts I have to create the image, share posts,  reply to emails and comments. But I won’t stop. I want to share knowledge and reach people who don’t know anything about PS but want learn something new..



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Damian Garbus

Hi, My name is Damian. I'm Powershell geek. Also, I love to improve my productivity and yourself development. I connected Powershell and my productivity tricks and built this blog. You can find here how to learn Powershell and use this to improve your productivity. Enjoy.

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